Leake County Revelers Biography

One of the best and most respected of the old-time string bands. They were formed in 1926, when the members began to play together for relaxation in the evenings or for local dances at Sebastopol, Scott County, Mississippi, USA. The band comprised Will Gilmer (William Bryant Gilmer, 27 February 1897, Leake County, USA, d. 28 December 1960; fiddle), R.O. Mosley (b. R. Oscar Mosley, 1885, Sebastopol, Scott County, Mississippi, USA, d. early 30s; mandolin), Jim Wolverton (b. 1895, Leake County, USA, d. 50s; banjo) and Dallas Jones (b.17 December 1889, Sebastopol, Scott County, Mississippi, USA; guitar). Their local popularity grew and led to them making their first four recordings for Columbia Records in 1927. Their recording of ‘Wednesday Night Waltz’, for which they are best remembered, proved so successful that it became one of the bestselling records of old-time music. In the late 20s, further Columbia sessions led to over 20 releases and their popularity saw them tour and gain their own programmes on WJDX Jackson. Their repertoire, much at variance with most of the early string bands, consisted mainly of waltzes or slow numbers and experts in the music have attributed much of their success to Gilmer’s gentle fiddle playing. After Mosley’s death, in the early 30s, the Revellers disbanded (arguably, they should have been the Scott and not Leake County Revellers - geographically Sebastopol was in the former county; they were actually named by Columbia). Gilmer and Jones both continued to play for some years, although with different bands.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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