Kim Weston Biography

Agatha Natalie Weston, 20 December 1939, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Kim Weston received her musical education with the Wright Specials gospel group, an influence that survived throughout her subsequent career. Torn between pursuing music or acting, she was persuaded to join the Motown Records label in the early 60s by Johnny Thornton, the cousin of two of the label’s top producers, Eddie and Brian Holland. After a minor hit with ‘Love Me All The Way’ in 1963, Weston joined Marvin Gaye’s soul revue, forming a partnership that was captured on record in 1964 and again in 1967. In the interim, Weston was produced by Holland/Dozier/Holland on a series of classic dance records that highlighted her versatile, gospel-tinged vocals. ‘Take Me In Your Arms’ was a substantial soul hit in 1965, followed the next year by the equally fluent ‘Helpless’. In 1967, she and Gaye recorded ‘It Takes Two’, one of the finest of Motown’s love duets. That same year, Weston married Motown producer Mickey Stevenson, who encouraged her to join him in a new venture at MGM Records. The move proved a commercial disappointment, and later releases on People and Pride failed to restore Weston to the charts.

In the 70s, Weston devoted much time to community projects and art groups, besides finding time to record an album of jazz standards with the Hastings Street Jazz Experience. In the late 80s, she was one of several Motown artists to re-record her hits on Ian Levine’s Nightmare label. In 1987 she became the first ex-Motown artist to work with Levine, who proceeded to sign virtually every Motown act during the next three years. Weston teamed up with Marvin Gaye’s brother Frankie for a remake of ‘It Takes Two’ in 1989. She released two new albums mixing new material with fresh versions of 60s Motown hits.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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