Kelley Stoltz Biography

1971, Michigan, USA. This US singer-songwriter spent the early part of his music career balancing recording and touring commitments with his day job as a teacher. Relocating from New York City to San Francisco in the late 90s, Stoltz began stockpiling a number of his cheaply recorded four-track demos. The best of these were eventually compiled for his debut album, The Past Was Faster, which was released on The Telegraph Company label in 1999. Drawing inspiration from maverick spirits such as Syd Barrett and Captain Beefheart, Stoltz was praised in the US alternative press for his ability to conjure nagging melodic sense out of the album’s woozy, lo-fi fog.

Stoltz’s follow-up, Antique Glow, was originally released in an limited edition run of a hundred, hand-painted by the artist vinyl copies, before being released on CD in 2003 by the Jack Pine Social Club label. Self-recorded and with Stoltz once again playing virtually every note, the album benefited from a much clearer production sound, allowing his quirky, melodic indie pop to really hit home. The prolific Stoltz also released a cover version of the entire Echo And The Bunnymen album Crocodiles during this period, in addition to recording a direct to disc live EP. He subsequently signed a recording contract with Sub Pop Records, making his debut for them in 2005 with the EP The Sun Comes Through. The piano-heavy emphasis of several tracks was repeated on the following year’s Below The Branches, another excellent and fun album by one of America’s most under-valued songwriters.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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