Junior Boys Biography

Formed on the cusp of the twenty-first century, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the duo of Jeremy Greenspan (Canada) and Johnny Dark (b. Canada) combine synth-pop arpeggios with rhythms more suggestive of R&B that have led to comparisons to a succession of unlikely musical juxtapositions. Greenspan and Dark’s own stated intention had apparently been to reconcile their favourite music, specifically Dem2’s club classic ‘Baby (You’re So Sexy)’ and David Sylvian / Ryûichi Sakamoto’s 1982 hit ‘Bamboo Houses’, and this aesthetic did not notably waver when Dark was succeeded in the group by engineer Matt Didemus shortly after signing a recording contract with the KIN label. The release of the Junior Boys’ debut EP Birthday/Last Exit in late 2003 (notably featuring a rare remix from Fennesz) and the following year’s album Last Exit seemed to suggest some success in this intention, combining rhythmic invention with arctic romanticism: ‘Their rhythms sound like they are drifting backwards through snow, slow, slow, slowly’, suggested Careless Talk Costs Lives magazine.

The title track of the 2006 follow-up, So This Is Goodbye (‘So this is goodbye/No need to lie/This creature of pain/Has found me again’) could be taken as elegiac to the departure of Dark (who subsequently released his own music on KIN) or perhaps more pointedly the premature death of well loved KIN founder Nick Kilroy. So This Is Goodbye, which was released by the noted independent label Domino Records, streamlined the Junior Boys vision while drawing out many of the same ambiences and atmosphere, those of emptiness and emaciation, as Last Exit.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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