Josh Logan Biography

Richmond, Kentucky, USA. One of the New Country’s hat brigade with a difference - his hat is of the Humphrey Bogart variety. Logan’s favourite country performer was Mel Street and his own vocals were very close to the latter’s. He had the misfortune of having his single, ‘I Made You A Woman For Somebody Else’, covered by Conway Twitty, and thereby lost any possible success. He eventually made the US charts with ‘Everytime I Get To Dreamin’’. His debut album included Street’s ‘Easy Lovin’ Kind’ and the good-natured ‘Somebody Paints The Wall’: ‘Everytime I make my mark, somebody paints the wall.’ There was an excellent cover by George Jones under the title, ‘Somebody Always Paints The Wall’, but Logan disappeared for several years before bouncing back with 1996’s Something Strange. Another lengthy gap ensued before the release on his own label Gentle Rain in 2004.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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