Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers Biography

A throwback to the medley craze of the early 80s, with a similarly repetitive disco beat cushioning the samples, Jive Bunny were solely responsible for making recent generations believe that rock and pop classics of yesteryear are only 10 seconds long. A UK male production/mixing group comprising John Pickles and disc jockey Ian Morgan, they became UK chart-toppers with their first three singles ‘Swing The Mood’, ‘That’s What I Like’, and ‘Let’s Party’ during 1989. This equalled the record held by Gerry And The Pacemakers (1963) and Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1984). The idea was conceived by Pickles, previously the owner of an electrical shop. The concept for ‘Swing The Mood’ had originally come from an ex-miner living in Norway called Les Hemstock. John’s son Andrew Pickles also helped out. They also appeared on ‘It Takes Two Baby’, by DJs Liz Kershaw and Bruno Brookes in December 1989. Subsequent hits scored progressively lower chart placings, doubtless to the relief of many. ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ (number 4), ‘Can Can You Party’ (number 8), ‘Let’s Swing Again’ (number 19) and ‘The Crazy Party Mixes’ (number 13) completed their run of Top 20 chart entries. They have subsequently disappeared up their own bobtails, although new Jive Bunny albums have continued to appear with monotonous regularity. Pickles became highly successful as head of Music Factory, which controls a number of dance music labels such as Trax, Defcon and Energize.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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