Jessy Dixon / Geraldine Gay / Nash Shaffer, Jr. Biography

12 March 1938, San Antonio, Texas, USA. As a child, Dixon regularly attended church, though he admits this was more for the music he heard there than the sermons. He then attended St. Mary’s College as a music major and met gospel legend Rev. James Cleveland. Cleveland invited him to travel to Chicago to join him as a vocalist and composer, working with the Cleveland Gospel Chimes Singers. From there he organised his own group, the Jesse Dixon Singers, who secured a recording contract with Savoy Records. Numerous gospel hit albums followed, including one, He Ain’t Heavy, which was a Grammy nominee. Among the group’s more successful singles were ‘Sit At His Feet And Be Blessed’, ‘God Never Fails’ and ‘These Old Heavy Burdens’. However, it was only later in 1972 that he became what he terms ‘a true convert to Christianity’. Since then he has appeared at many college concerts, as well as performing in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Gardens and Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. Throughout his career Dixon has won many Grammy awards for his performances and his albums.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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