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Brothers Patrick (10 March 1964, Coatbridge, Strathclyde, Scotland) and Gregory Kane (b. 11 September 1966, Coatbridge, Strathclyde, Scotland) formed Hue And Cry in 1986. Patrick writes the lyrics and provides the vocals, while his brother concentrates on writing music, and plays piano and keyboards. Although they initially used session players both on stage and in the studio, some of their most powerful work has been where their sound is stripped down to voice and piano. Their first single, ‘I Refuse’, was released in 1986 and flopped, but the following year the soul-fired ‘Labour Of Love’ gave them a UK Top 10 hit. They received much attention for the memorable single ‘Looking For Linda’ (the true story of a woman who left home to buy a packet of cigarettes and ended up on a southbound train heading away from her old life). The brothers’ jazz affinities shone through on Remote, which featured contributions from the Brecker Brothers, Ron Carter, Jon Faddis, and Tito Puente among others. Stars Crash Down featured contributions from fellow Scots Eddi Reader and Ewan Vernal, and James Prine from Deacon Blue, but following its release the duo parted company with their long-term label Circa. Truth And Love, produced and largely performed by Greg Kane, was released on the brothers’ short-lived Fidelity label.

By this point, both brothers had established busy schedules away from the band. Always one of the more articulate of personalities within the pop world, Patrick has served as both an outspoken television presenter and music journalist. He was also elected the Rector of Glasgow University (narrowly edging out Tony Benn). A firm socialist, he turned his back on the Labour Party and gave very vocal support to the Scottish Nationalist Party. Certainly, he refuses to accept the boundaries between music and politics, as the lyrics to the single ‘Peaceful Face’ demonstrate: ‘The future I see, The century comes and it goes, And my child will be there to bear all its woes’. He has been instrumental in forming the Artists For An Independent Scotland organization which is supported by other Scottish ‘celebrities’ and rock stars such as Fish. Gregory Kane, meanwhile, is an in-demand soundtrack composer.

The brothers continue to record as Hue And Cry, with their experimental edge and jazz leanings long since having taken precedence over any commercial considerations. Piano & Voice and Jazz Not Jazz were bold projects that worked because of the strength of Pat Kane’s voice, even when tackling syrupy standards such as ‘Send In The Clowns’. The duo’s second album for Linn Records, 1999’s Next Move, assimilated elements of urban R&B and drum ‘n’ bass into their smooth jazz sound.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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