(Hed) P.E. Biography

Formed in the hardcore punk stronghold of Orange County, California, USA in 1994 when M.C.U.D. aka Jahred Shaine (Paulo Sergio Gomes, 29 February 1964, Fort Worth, Texas, USA; vocals) met Mawk (b. Mark Young, England; bass). The pair had previously toiled away in several different bands before eventually forming (Hed)pe and recruiting Wesstyle (b. Wes Geer; guitar), Chizad (b. Chad Benekos; guitar), B.C. (b. Ben Vaught; drums), DJ Product (b. Doug Boyce; turntable), and The Finger (b. Ken Sachs; keyboards). Their ‘rapcore’ sound, a blend of nu metal, choppy punk guitars, hip-hop breakbeats and M.C.U.D.’s scatological rhymes first appeared on the self-released mini-album Church Of Realities a year later.

The band’s dynamic performances helped build a sizeable local following, and they were signed shortly after and in late 1997 their self-titled debut was released. With a well-established live reputation, the band went on the road in support, playing with Korn, Static-X, Kid Rock, System Of A Down, P.O.D. and Slipknot. (Hed)pe’s electrifying onstage performances were matched by equally bad behaviour offstage however, culminating in their ejection from a tour with Stuck Mojo. Mending their ways in time for a tour with Soulfly and an appearance at Ozzfest, they had by now sold over 100, 000 copies of their Jive Records debut. 2000’s Broke, released under the moniker (hed) Planet Earth, was a more diverse and dynamic release, featuring contributions from guest vocalists Serj Tankian of System Of A Down and Morgan Lander of Kittie on ‘Feel Good’. Despite largely positive reviews in the press, the band came into some criticism for their lyrics, with lines like ‘Throw your tits in the air’ not finding favour with all reviewers. However, their momentum was unstoppable by now and their first headlining UK tour followed shortly after.

The follow-up, Blackout, repeated the rapcore formula to increasingly tiresome effect, and with sales dipping the band parted company with Jive and founding members B.C., Chizad and Wesstyle. The recruitment of Jaxon (b. Jackson Benge; guitar) and Moke (b. Mark Bistany; drums, ex-Otep) for 2004’s Only In Amerika, on the Koch label, could not arrest the sense of a band operating past their sell-by date. Subsequent albums have appeared on the Suburban Noize label, with drummers Devin Lebsack and Tiny Bubz (b. Anthony Biuso) passing through the ranks. The band’s ever-changing moniker had now evolved into (hed)p.e.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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