Harvey Fuqua Biography

27 July 1929, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Alternate lead and founder of the famed vocal group the Moonglows, Fuqua began moving towards A&R and production work in 1959 while still singing with the group. In 1960 he disbanded the Moonglows and moved to Detroit to work with Gwen Gordy, Berry Gordy’s sister, at her Anna label. The following year, he and Gwen Gordy, soon to be husband and wife, formed the Harvey and Tri-Phi labels. They had only moderate success with the labels, but managed to sign some top talents, including the Detroit Spinners, Shorty Long, Johnny Bristol, and Junior Walker And The All Stars. In 1963 Fuqua closed down the labels and joined Berry Gordy’s growing Motown Records operation as writer, producer and promotion man, bringing with him several of the Harvey and Tri-Phi acts to the company.

Fuqua was responsible for Motown’s Artist Development section, which groomed Motown acts in their stage performances and public behaviour. In 1970 Fuqua left Motown and formed his own production company. He drew talent from both Louisville and Detroit to form a staple of artists - the Niteliters, New Birth, and Love, Peace & Happiness. The Niteliters were a funk instrumental group, New Birth was the Niteliters with a vocal ensemble, and Love, Peace & Happiness a vocal spin-off from New Birth. In 1971 he placed these artists with RCA Records, and enjoyed hits with all three. New Birth, which lasted the longest, remained on the charts to 1979. In the late 70s Fuqua established a production company in San Francisco and produced disco hits for Sylvester for Fantasy Records. In the early 80s he produced most of Marvin Gaye’s Columbia Records material

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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