Hallows Eve Biography

The first incarnation of the US heavy metal band Hallows Eve dates back to 1984, when the nucleus of Stacy Anderson (vocals), Tommy Stewart (bass) and David Stuart (guitar), plus second guitarist Skellator and drummer Tym Helton, recorded a demo that was included on the Metal Massacre IV compilation. Their music from the outset has been extreme, representing one of the far outposts of the rock spectrum via a turbulent, high-speed wall-of-noise. Lyrics dealt with death, reincarnation, torture and mutilation, but the sentiments were usually indecipherable through frantic background thrashing. Tales Of Terror was recorded on a low budget with a dreadful production, but nevertheless featured the band’s strongest material. Death And Insanity and Monument, although aesthetically more satisfying, were more formularized. Stacy Anderson quit in 1988, and the band have been inactive since.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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