Godflesh Biography

The Godflesh partnership was inaugurated by Justin Broadrick (guitar/vocals) and G. Christian Green (bass) in 1988, when the former left the venerated (by UK radio presenter John Peel, at least) hardcore industrial trio, Head Of David. Green had formerly served time in industrialists Fall Of Because, and Godflesh were completed by the addition of a drum machine. A self-titled EP was released on the Swordfish label before moving to the more permanent home of Earache Records. By the advent of their debut album, the band had expanded temporarily to include guitarist Paul Neville (also ex-Fall Of Because). With strong critical reaction, they toured with Loop and as part of the Earache Grindcrusher USA package, alongside Napalm Death. Broadrick had actually appeared with the latter as guitarist on side one of the legendary Scum album. In 1991, there were three limited edition 12-inches (including one for the Sub Pop Records empire), which were eventually collected together as the Slavestate mini-album. With Neville opting to concentrate on his own project, Cabel Regime, Robert Hampson of Loop stepped in for additional guitar duties on the band’s excellently reviewed Pure. He would choose to stay at home, however, as the duo embarked on a promotional European tour. In 1993, Broadrick branched out by providing guitar tracks for labelmates Scorn (on their Vae Solis debut), and he also produced a ‘biomechanical’ remix of Pantera’s ‘Walk’. This ‘biomechanical’ method is described by Green as involving: ‘stripping them (the tracks) down and reconstructing them from scratch with different drum patterns, different vocal lines etc.’

Meanwhile, Godflesh’s first own-name project in nearly two years, the Merciless EP, resurrected an eight-year-old Fall Of Because song. October 1994 saw the introduction of a major new work, Selfless, a stunningly direct and brutal album from a band whose quality threshold has hardly wavered since their inception. Songs Of Love And Hate was challenging and provocative and one of their finest albums. Drummer Mantia left to join Primus in August 1996. Although Broadrick’s involvement in side-projects Final and Techno Animal meant fans had to wait three years before the release of the new Godflesh album, Us And Them. The album’s seamless fusion of metal and electronics received great acclaim, which was just reward for Broadrick and Green’s pioneering work in the field.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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