Gale Garnett Biography

17 July 1942, Auckland, New Zealand. Garnett moved with her parents to the USA in 1951. Garnett’s ‘We’ll Sing In The Sunshine’ was a US number 4 hit and a product of the folk music boom of the early 60s. It probably achieved pop success because of its cheerful and innocent young teen sound. Garnett began her career as an actress, appearing in many stage productions and numerous television shows, includingHawaiian Eye, 77 Sunset Strip, andBonanza. She wrote songs as a hobby, but in 1963 RCA - Victor Records, impressed with her voice and songs, including ‘We’ll Sing In The Sunshine’, signed her up. In the UK, ‘We’ll Sing In The Sunshine’ was covered with moderate success by the UK band the Lancastrians in 1964. Garnett was not able to sustain her career with more hits, getting only ‘Lovin’ Place’ (US number 54) on the charts in 1965. By the late 60s Garnett, influenced by the hippie counter-cultural movement, embraced psychedelia, singing about rainbows, magic wands, and other enchantments. But she could no longer sell records, and retired from the music business in the early 70s.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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