Gail Davies Biography

Patricia Gail Dickerson, 1 September 1948, Broken Bow, Oklahoma, USA. Davies’ father, Tex Dickerson, was a country musician who, among other things, worked on The Louisiana Hayride and Davies was fascinated by his jukebox filled with country music. As a performer, she went on the road with her brother Ron, whose songs have since been recorded by Helen Reddy (‘Long Hard Climb’) and Three Dog Night (‘It Ain’t Easy’). An album that they made for A&M Records was never released. Davies married a jazz musician and, for a while, tried to be a jazz singer. When they separated, she moved to the west coast where she worked as a session singer. As a writer, she wrote ‘Bucket To The South’, a US country hit for Ava Barber in 1978. Her first album, Gail Davies, for the Lifesong label in 1978 included her first US country hit, ‘No Love Have I’, alongside further successes, ‘Poison Love’ and ‘Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You’. She moved to Warner Brothers Records and became a rarity - a female country performer producing her own records. She had US country hits with ‘Blue Heartache’, ‘I’ll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)’ and ‘Singing The Blues’. At RCA Records in 1984 she had further success with ‘Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart’ and ‘Trouble With Love’. She formed Wild Choir in 1986, releasing a self-titled album for RCA. In the late 80s she moved to Liberty Records to become country music’s first female staff producer. Davies has had many run-ins with the mostly male musical establishment in Nashville, and in 1995 she promoted and released her own album Eclectic. The tracks were as good as her previous hit records, but she has been denied radio-play by many US stations. She will continue her one-woman crusade, no doubt, supported by her British husband Rob Price, the bass player with the Stu Page Band. Her son is guitarist Chris Scruggs who joined the country rock band BR5-49 in 2002. Davies is not to be confused with Gail Davies who toured with Gene Autry’s roadshow and was featured in the television series Annie Oakley.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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