Eloy Biography

This German progressive-space rock band is essentially a vehicle for the creative talents of lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Frank Bornemann, with a somewhat unstable backing line-up. The band released their debut, Inside, in 1973, and achieved enormous success in Germany with a succession of albums in the vein of Pink Floyd and Yes but with a heavier, guitar-based approach. These usually featured instrumentally complex epics based on Bornemann’s science fiction-flavoured concepts, but despite a domestic major label contract, and a consistent English language approach, their early material was not released outside their homeland. Bornemann, at this stage joined by Hannes Filberth (keyboards), Hannes Arkona (keyboards, guitar), Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass) and Fritz Randow (drums), was by now updating the Eloy sound, culminating in the excellent Metromania, where modern keyboard textures added colour to more compact, less indulgent songs, but this line-up crumbled as the rhythm section departed. Bornemann was subsequently less prolific as his duties as owner and manager of Hanover’s Horus Sound Studios took up more of his time, but Eloy made a comeback with Destination and then The Tide Returns Forever, with Michael Gerlach’s keyboards helping Bornemann to produce an altogether more technical sound along the lines of latter-day Rush while retaining all of Eloy’s individual character.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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