Edie Brickell Biography

10 March 1966, Oak Cliff, Texas, USA. Brickell’s first break as a vocalist came in 1985 while she was waitressing to pay her way through art college in Dallas. Working the red-eye shift, she jumped up on stage and sang her way through a set of improvised lyrics. Local jazz-influenced band the New Bohemians asked her to front the outfit, and as their popularity grew they were signed in 1986 to Geffen Records as Edie Brickell And The New Bohemians, releasing two albums and enjoying a US Top 10 single (‘What I Am’). Following the group’s break-up in 1992, little was heard of Brickell until the 1994 release of her solo Picture Perfect Morning, which added an element of soul to the jazz/pop formula. She was joined by over 40 musicians, including jazz fusion player Michael Brecker, the Dixie Cups, Dr. John, Steve Gadd, Cyril and Art Neville, and Barry White (on ‘spoken instrumental’). The ensemble was produced by Roy Halee and Paul Simon (her husband since June 1992).

Brickell continues to work with the New Bohemians, and in 1999 reunited with band in the studio to record The Live Montauk Sessions. She released her second solo album, Volcano, in 2003, which was followed three years later by a new studio album from the New Bohemians. Brickell also collaborated with her stepson Harper Simon in the band the Heavy Circles.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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