Dub Dickerson Biography

Willis Dickerson, 1927, Grand Saline, Texas, USA, d. 1979, USA. Singing and playing guitar, Dickerson broadcast on KWKH’s The Louisiana Hayride. He occasionally composed songs, including ‘My Gal Gertie’. He recorded for several independent labels, such as Imperial Records, Sims, Todd and Tower, as well as Decca Records and Capitol Records. Among his recordings are ‘One Night Stand’/‘Dear Love’, ‘My Gal Gertie’, ‘The Bells Of Monterrey’/‘Sweet Bunch Of Bitterweeds’, ‘Under The Heading Of My Business’/‘I Must’ve Drove My Mules Too Hard’, ‘If I Had You Back’/‘Just In Time To Be Too Late’, ‘Shot Gun Wedding’/‘Each Time’, ‘Mama Laid The Law Down’/‘The Bottle’, and ‘All Over You’/‘My Impression Of You’. He was especially successful with ‘Boppin’ In The Dark’/‘Lovinest Lovin’’. Some of Dickerson’s recordings have appeared on compilations by various artists; these include That’ll Flat … Git It! Vol. 3 (released by Bear Family Records in 1992), Rock And Roll At The Capitol Tower (released by Beat Goes On Records in 2000), Boppin’ Hillbilly, Vol. 16 and Aaaahhhh Rock-A-Billy (both on White Label Records).

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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Boppin' in the Dark
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