Decapitated Biography

This Polish death metal unit formed while all its members, Vogg (Waclaw Kieltyka, Poland; guitar), Vitek (b. Witold Kieltyka, 24 January 1984, Krosno, Poland, d. 2 November 2007, Novozybkov, Russia; drums) and Sauron (b. Wojciech Wasowicz, Poland; vocals), were in their early teens and still studying music in their respective schools. Adding bass player Martin (b. Marcin Rygiel, Poland), the band recorded their first demo, Cemeterial Gardens, in 1997. Unsurprisingly heavily influenced by Poland’s leading death metal outfit Vader, the demo was an impressive affair, especially considering the band’s young age. A second demo, The Eye Of Horus, appeared the following year and was eventually released as part of Relapse Records’ Polish Assault compilation. Winds Of Creation followed in 2000, a furious blast of technical grinding death metal, it rapidly led to a bidding war eventually won by Earache Records, who signed the band to its Wicked World subsidiary.

Winning rave reviews for their debut the band began a series of tours and dates in Europe. Nihility followed in 2002 and gained much positive press. The roadwork had served the band well, enabling them to deliver a truly blistering barrage of accomplished death metal that served time on its forebears. European appearances followed, that included tours with Vader, Krisiun and Destroyer 666. During this period Vogg and Martin were also heavily involved in recording and touring with Polish black metal band Lux Occulta.

Vocalist Sauron left the band following the release of 2004’s The Negation and was replaced by ex-Atrophia Red Sun vocalist Covan (b. Adrian Kowanek, Poland). Covan made his debut on the band’s first release for the main Earache label, Organic Hallucinosis. Shortly after the album’s 2006 release, bass player Martin was forced into a temporary absence due to military service and was replaced by Richard Gulczynski for the band’s North American tour. Worse was to follow for the band when their tour bus was involved in a serious accident on its way to a show in Belarus on 29 October 2007. Drummer Vitek passed away in hospital and Covan was seriously injured.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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