David Knopfler Biography

27 December 1952, Glasgow, Scotland. A founder member of Dire Straits, David cemented elder brother Mark Knopfler’s lead vocals and fretboard solos with subordinate guitar chords until the heated complications of their relationship led to David leaving the band before the recording of 1980’s Making Movies. Knopfler’s first effort as a solo recording artist, Release (and its single, ‘Soul Kissing’), was a one-off project for the ill-fated label, Peach River Records. The record became a minor commercial success after Knopfler retrieved the rights from the bankrupt Peach River. Another independent label, Making Waves, issued Behind The Lines, which included the German Top 40 single ‘Heart To Heart’. Knopfler’s third album, 1985’s Cut The Wire, included the US dance hit, ‘Shockwave’. The continued success of Dire Straits ensured that these sold enough by association to warrant release on CD, but Knopfler remained overshadowed by his brother’s more evident commercial talent. He retained a loyal audience, particularly in Europe, where he also enjoyed a productive sideline writing film and television scores. His 1993 album The Giver had some beautiful touches but was ultimately a sombre affair.

Knopfler has gone some way to achieving his ‘dream of success without fame, happiness without hype or glory’. Certainly he has stayed away from the usual pitfalls of the rock world and should be applauded for remaining sane. Now if only he could allow his contentment and happiness to permeate his records.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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