Dave Davies Biography

3 February 1947, Muswell Hill, London, England. The younger brother of Ray Davies has for almost 40 years stood in the shadow of his talented brother. By Ray’s own admission, Dave is a highly underrated lead guitarist. Interestingly, while the elder Davies did not release a solo record until 1998, Dave had a UK number 3 hit with ‘Death Of A Clown’ in 1967 and followed it with a Top 20 placing, ‘Susannah’s Still Alive’. Both songs were lyrically strong with excellent melodies; the latter ranks with the best of the Kinks’ work; a clever tale of a frustrated spinster (the result of Dave’s first teenage love affair). In 1967, Dave set about recording a solo album, which did not see the light of day until almost 20 years later when parts were released as The Album That Never Was in 1988. He also released three disappointing guitar-laden albums in the 80s during one of the Kinks’ many hiatuses.

The hate/love relationship with his elder brother has been heavily documented in the press over the past years. In Ray’s biography, X-Ray, Dave is considerably overlooked, but his chance came with the publication of his autobiography (Kink) in 1996, where Dave subtly sniped back at his brother, and a lengthy interview with Peter Doggett in the UK’s Record Collector magazine. Among other revelations the younger Davies announced he was bisexual. Dave Davies now resides in the USA and at present devotes a lot of time to tracking down UFOs. His recent musical activity has included working with John Carpenter on two film soundtracks, Village Of The Damned and The Mouth Of Madness, working with his son Russell under the moniker Crystal Radio, and releasing music through his own website. He suffered a stroke in June 2004 but made excellent progress in regaining his normal speech.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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