Darling Buds Biography

Formed in Wales in 1987 by Andrea Lewis (25 March 1967, Newport, Wales; vocals), Harley Farr (b. 4 July 1964, Singapore; guitar), Bloss (drums) and Chris McDonagh (b. 6 March 1962, Newport, Wales; bass), the early part of the Darling Buds’ career was as much a pure adrenalin rush as was their poppy/punk music. Following in the tradition of classic pop records by Blondie and the Waitresses, the Buds produced a series of sparkling sub-three-minute singles on the independent Native Records label (‘Shame On You’, etc.), becoming embroiled in the superfluous ‘Blond’ scene of that time alongside the Primitives. With the added incentive of increasingly celebrational live performances, Epic Records swiftly signed the band in 1988 and earned moderate chart success for the subsequent singles ‘Burst’ and ‘Hit The Ground’. Unfortunately, in the true spirit of bubblegum pop, the Darling Buds’ balloon soon began to deflate. Drummer Bloss was replaced by Jimmy Hughes (b. Liverpool, England) and the band’s second album, Crawdaddy, witnessed a new sophisticated approach to recording that was at odds with their early material, creating few ripples in the musical pond. Erotica then emerged just one month before Madonna’s opus of the same title, though doubtless it would have been ignored by a now disinterested music media regardless of its title. Following one further American tour the Darling Buds disbanded, with Lewis moving into acting.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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