Cristian Vogel Biography

Chile. Vogel is a highly respected experimental techno DJ-producer, whose name is better known in the rest of the world than in the UK, where he is based. He has recorded for the Tresor, Solid, EFA and Novamute Records labels and has collaborated with techno luminaries such as Dave Clarke, Neil Landstrumm and Russ Gabriel.

Despite his South American origins, Vogel grew up in the west Midlands, England when his family left Chile to escape the General Pinochet regime. He was a talented keyboard player and programmer by his early teenage years and played in a number of hardcore bands before moving on to more experimental electronic music. He released some material through Si Begg’s Cabbage Head Collective, who were based in Leamington Spa at the time. Vogel relocated to Brighton, Sussex in 1991 in order to study twentieth-century music at the university. He was simultaneously inspired by the town’s thriving club and techno scene and his studies of composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Brian Eno, and used the university’s recording facilities to create his early abstract techno soundscapes. His early recordings sound found their way to local DJs and luminaries of the techno scene such as Luke Slater and Clarke. In 1993, Vogel and Clarke recorded the Infra EP at the University Of Sussex’s studio and released it on Clarke’s newly established Magnetic North label. The EP was acclaimed by the techno fraternity and Vogel’s track ‘Subversion’ caught the attention of techno fans all over Europe and the USA. Vogel followed this success with two further EPs, this time collaborating with Russ Gabriel, who released them on his Ferox and Berlin labels.

After a visit to Cologne in December 1993, Vogel signed contracts with the highly respected German techno labels, Force Inc, and Thomas Heckmann’s Trope label. In 1994, Vogel formed his own label, Mosquito, a management company, No Future and started his own club, Box, in Brighton, seeking to re-energise a techno scene that he felt had grown somewhat sterile. He released his debut, Beginning To Understand on Force Inc’s sister label Mille Plateaux in the same year and the album was applauded by techno cognoscenti. The growing admiration for Vogel’s work in techno’s homeland Germany, led to him becoming the first UK artist to be signed by the country’s original techno label, Tresor. Absolute Time appeared on the label in 1995. In 1998, Vogel began working with DJ/vocalist Jamie Lidell as Super_Collider, releasing the favoured ‘Darn (Cold Way O’ Lovin’)’. Their highly praised 1999 set Head On was released on the Brighton-based Loaded Records.

In 1999, Vogel signed a solo contract with the UK independent label Novamute and spent nine months recording and self-producing Rescate 137 in his Brighton studio. The unusual title was taken from a sign on a Chilean beach with a notorious riptide and ‘Rescate 137’ advises bathers of the telephone number for rescue services. Continuing his abstract and experimental techno, the album was also varied, even including Latin and house influences and a water theme. Vogel remains a popular DJ across Europe.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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