Cold War Kids Biography

This US indie rock band was formed in Fullerton, California, in 2004 by Matt Aviero (drums), Matt Maust (bass), Johnnie Russell (guitar) and Nathan Willett (vocals). A series of eye-catching live shows helped the quartet build up a cult following on the Californian rock circuit, and a well-received demo led to a recording contract with the independent Monarchy Music label. The quartet’s debut EP, Mulberry Street, recorded in April 2005, was snapped up as the band’s reputation began to spread by word of mouth, mainly through their active Internet fanbase. The With Our Wallets Full and Up In Rags EPs were also successful, and with the buzz surrounding the Cold War Kids growing the major labels began courting them. The quartet signed with the Warner Brothers Records subsidiary Downtown and released Robbers & Cowards, in late 2006. The album comprised remastered versions of tracks from their second and third EPs, with notable stand-outs including ‘We Used To Vacation’ and ‘Hospital Beds’. Despite breaking no new musical ground, the quartet managed to fashion an exciting sound built around a solid melodic grounding and Willett’s quixotic vocals.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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