Cannibal Corpse Biography

This controversial death metal act was formed in Buffalo, New York, USA, by Chris Barnes (29 December 1966, Buffalo, New York, USA; vocals), guitarists Bob Rusay and Jack Owen, Alex Webster (b. 25 October 1969, Buffalo, New York, USA; bass) and Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums). The band adopted an almost cartoon-like approach to their material, which stood out even from the extreme grotesqueries of the death scene, and have thrived on the controversy created by offensive song titles such as ‘Meat Hook Sodomy’, ‘Necropedophile’ and the infamous ‘Entrails Ripped From A Virgin’s Cunt’. The band’s cover art has not been immune to criticism either, with some retailers refusing to stock both Butchered At Birth (1991) and Tomb Of The Mutilated (1992) until the gruesome cover paintings by Vincent Locke (of Dead World Comics) were replaced.

Musically, the band has made steady progress from their Eaten Back To Life debut, refining a death metal assault to match the song titles, although Rob Barrett (ex-Malevolent Creation) replaced Rusay on The Bleeding. The band was also exposed to a major audience with their cameo appearance in the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie, where they were seen performing ‘Hammer Smashed Face’. Barnes was sacked from the band in 1995, to be replaced on vocals by ex-Monstrosity singer George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher (b. 29 December 1967, USA). The first evidence of his contribution to the band came on 1996’s Vile, which included familiar lyrical subject matter such as ‘Devoured By Vermin’ and ‘Orgasm Through Torture’. ex-Nevermore guitarist Pat O’Brien replaced Barrett on 1998’s Gallery Of Suicide, leaving a stable line-up in place right through until founding member Jack Owen left in 2004. He was briefly replaced by Jeremy Turner before former member Barrett returned to the line-up for 2006’s Kill.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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