Brownsville Station Biography

This Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA-based quartet was formed in 1969 by Cub Koda (Michael Koda, 1 August 1948, Detroit, Michigan, USA, d. 1 July 2000, Detroit, Michigan, USA; guitar, harmonica), Michael Lutz (guitar, vocals), T.J. Cronley (drums), and Tony Driggins (bass). They forged an early reputation as a superior ‘oldies’ band, but their attention to ‘roots’ music was later fused to an understanding of pop’s dynamics. With new members Bruce Nazarian (bass, synthesiser) and Henry Weck (drums) now in the line-up, the exuberant ‘Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room’ (1973) climbed to number 3 in the US charts and made the UK Top 30 the following year. Subsequent releases lacked the quartet’s early sense of purpose and the band was eventually dissolved in 1979. Mötley Crüe successfully revived their greatest success in 1985. Koda, who was recording solo material during his time with the band, later fronted several ‘revival’-styled units while proclaiming his love of R&B and blues through columns in US collectors’ magazines. He succumbed to kidney disease in July 2000.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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