Black Moon Biography

Brooklyn-based rappers, whose entrance on the New York scene was rewarded with sales of over 200, 000 of their debut cut, ‘Who Got Da Props?’. Black Moon, who comprise 5ft Excellerator, DJ Evil Dee (Eward Dewgarde) and Buckshot (b. Kenyatta Blake), signed with Nervous Records’ offshoot, Wreck, despite stern competition, in 1991 (there were certainly offers on the table from major companies). Black Moon (signifying Brothers Lyrically Acting Combining Kickin’ Music Out On Nations) also kept a firm handle on the management of their own affairs, setting up their own production and management companies, Beat Minerz (Evil Dee and his brother Mr. Walt) and Duck Down (Buckshot and Big Dru Ha). The latter also looked after the affairs of Wreck’s second signing, Smif N Wessun, fellow members of the Brooklyn-based Boot Camp Clik of MCs. Musically, Black Moon are a throwback to rap’s old school, with Evil Dee’s bleak bass and beatbox underpinning Buckshot and 5ft’s considered raps for minimalist impact. Their debut album was afforded a strong critical reaction, no less than KRS-One himself noting it to be ‘... the phattest shit I’ve heard in a long time’. Instantly heralded as a defining example of east coast crime rap, it included further classics in their second single ‘How Many MC’s’, and ‘Buck Em Down’. The trio embarked on a national tour with Das-EFX but then remained dormant for several years due to legal and personal problems. Buckshot worked with Special Ed and Master Ace, as the Crooklyn Dodgers, on the title track to Spike Lee’s 1994 movie, Crooklyn. A remix album, featuring two new tracks, was released in 1996 before the trio finally returned in 1999 with their much delayed second set, War Zone. The album, released on Duck Down Records, saw the trio on fine form on old school classics such as ‘This Is What It Sounds Like (Worldwind)’ and ‘Two Turntables And A Mic’. Buckshot also released his solo debut, The BDI Thug.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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