Behemoth Biography

This enduring Polish heavy metal band has been led from the outset by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Nergal (Adam Michal Darski, 10 June 1977, Gdynia, Poland), the only constant in a fluid line-up. The teenage Nergal founded the band in 1991 and recorded a number of demo tapes that demonstrated his indebtedness to classic black metal. Baal Ravenlock (b. Adam Muraszko, 7 September 1976, Prague, Czechoslovakia) and a number of other long since forgotten musicians joined Nergal on these releases. Despite their roughness the demos attracted the attention of the Polish label Pagan Records, who gave a limited release to the EPs The Return Of The Northern Moon and … From The Pagan Vastlands. A further EP, “And The Forests Dream Eternally” (featuring the live favourite ‘Pure Evil And Hate’) was released by the Italian label Enthopy Records. Behemoth’s album debut Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic), meanwhile, was released via Pagan in 1995.

By this point in the band’s career they were considered to be a competent but unoriginal black metal outfit. Nergal began to steer Behemoth in a different direction in the late 90s, with death metal playing an increasing influence on the band’s sound. Drummer Inferno (b. Zbigniew Robert Prominski, 30 December 1978, Tczew, Poland) joined for the 1997 EP Bewitching The Pomerania, and was to remain the only constant member alongside Nergal on subsequent releases. His drumming helped shape the expansive, multi-layered sound heard on albums such as Pandemonic Incantations (1998) and Satanica (1999), with the former released via the German label Solistitium Records and the latter on the Italian label Avantgarde Music.

Behemoth retained their association with Avantgarde into the early years of the new millennium, by which stage they were touring extensively throughout Europe and North America and earning the patronage of established heavy metal bands. In 2004, they switched to the Swedish death metal label Regain Records for the release of Demigod. Despite a constant raft of personnel changes, Nergal and Inferno have continued to steer the band on an impressive course that has established Behemoth at the forefront of the Eastern European death metal scene.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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