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US nu metal pioneers Korn spawned quite a few imitators in their path, such as the California-based Adema, but there was a legitimate reason why the two bands sounded so similar - original vocalist Mark ‘Marky’ Chavez (15 November 1978, Bakersfield, California, USA) is Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis’ younger half-brother. Adema emerged from the same spawning ground as Korn, Bakersfield, California, and formed during the late 90s, when Chavez began playing with several other local musicians, including Dave DeRoo (b. 3 September 1974, Bakersfield, California, USA; bass) and Tim Fluckey (b. 23 January 1974, Illinois, USA; guitar). When second guitarist Mike Ransom (b. 12 April 1977, USA) and drummer Kris Kohls (b. Bakersfield, California, USA; ex-Videodrone) signed on, the final pieces to the Adema puzzle were in place, which resulted in a recording contract with the Arista Records label. The quintet relocated to a secluded section of northern California to finish writing and demoing the songs that would eventually comprise their major label debut. Recorded in Los Angeles, California with producers Bill Appleberry and Tobias Miller (guitarist with the original line-up of the Wallflowers), Adema delivered their self-titled debut album in August 2001. The tracks ‘Giving In’ and ‘The Way You Like It’ enjoyed notable success on the rock charts.

A year later, Adema issued a seven-track stopgap EP, Insomniac’s Dream. Their second album for Arista, Unstable, followed in 2003, but shortly after the album’s release the band parted company with both guitarist Ransom and their label. The remaining members signed a new recording contract with Earache Records before a major line-up change saw vocalist Chavez replaced by Luke Caraccioli. Planets, the band’s debut for Earache, was released in spring 2005.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Popular Music by Colin Larkin. Licensed from Muze.

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